Installation 84”x28”x4.5”
insects, pins, newspaper obituaries, fabric, wood and glass

My collection of dead insects started in 1992. On one particular day around that time, I remember watching a bee buzzing around a window. The bee seemed to be trying to find its way out through the window glass. At that moment, the thought of searching for direction came to mind, and I wondered if it was a part of this bee's nature to search, or if it was just a reflection of the personal inquiries I carried around during that period of my life. I opened the window fully with the hope that it will find its way back out to nature. A couple of days later, I find the dead bee on the floor. I picked it up and put it on the window sill.

After two years of collecting dead insects from my home without putting much thought into it, I began to assign each insect with an obituary from the same date that I discovered and collected each dead insect. In the sense of the universe, our concern of everyday life seems insignificant. In our world, an insect's life also seems insignificant. Although there is a contrast between the two, at the same time, there is a relevant similarity.

Throughout the 12 year process of working on this project, I have came across reflections of my emotions that are both positive and negative. I have experienced impatience, greed, possessiveness as well as attentiveness and care (with delicate materials), and level of dedication and perseverance. My hope is for the viewers of this work to be able to stop for a moment, and allow themselves the opportunity to honor all the creatures of their birth, life and peaceful rest and our own.